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Manage an intergalactic rescue corporation.

This is an alpha pre-release version and has some more stuff coming to make it more playable; but the main idea is there.

To exit the game press your Esc key at any time!

There's no tutorial yet and it just kinda throws you into the game...

How to play:

You start with 3 ships (triangles) that are docked on your space station (orange circle). Each of the ships has 3 modules. Emergency situations will appear (colored squares). Each situation has codes assigned to it based on what emergencies are happening there and need your help to mend. Specific modules are needed to mend different types of situations. Click on situations to see a readout of what is going on there and the code indicators at the bottom will light up showing you what codes are happening there. Mouse-over the code indicators to see a short description. Click on a ship and the modules diagram should light up showing you which modules are equipped on that ship. Mouse-over the module diagram for descriptions of these modules. When your ship is docked at the station you can swap out modules. Clicking on modules from the ship diagram will unequipped them from that ship and move them to your station inventory on the far right. When you have a docked ship selected with an empty module slot that matches a module in your inventory you can click that module in your inventory to equipped it. When you have a ship selected, right click anywhere (probably should be on the situations) to send the ship there. When a ship is at a situation that it is equipped to help solve it will automatically do so. Failing to help at situations will cost you hearts. Resolving situations will earn you points and sometimes reward you with new modules, ships and extra hearts. When you run out of hearts (and you will), it's game over. To exit the game press your Esc key at any time!

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UPDATE - March 27, 2017

I worked very hard on this game over the weekend and added a bunch of stuff. Try out the updated alpha version


-Updated readout messages

-Tuned the timing of the creation of new Situations

-Tuned the selected ship and situation outlines

-Added rewards

-Added hearts (lives)

-Game over

-Completely re-did the scoring system

-Changed the game to windowed mode for now


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